Waste to Energy Benefits

Lead in environmental activism and reap the rewards of an enhanced, renewable, alternative energy solution

Project Benefits:  Waste to energy facilities present a rare combination of benefits, the scope of which enable practical environmental solutions to become reality while simultaneously creating a strong business model for a profit center with ongoing economic benefits. Waste to energy plants are a self-sustainable environmental solution to waste.

Waste to Energy Prevents:
New Landfills/Growing Landfills
Waste Streams
Toxic run off into water Supply
Contamination of the ecosystem
Plastics and other recyclables from entering into sewage and drainage

Waste to Energy Results in:

Landfills Shrinking in Size
extracts recyclables form existing landfills and waste streams, while diverting new waste to plant facility
Pollution Free Environmental Cleanup
Uniquely green technology platforms extracts toxins from the waste through the plant’s proprietary pollution control systems, which ensures post-gasification furans and dioxins are filtered out prior to conversion to SYNGAS for electricity generation.
Utilization of Unusable Waste as Fuel Feedstock
This could potential fulfill seven times the total global energy requirements
A Self-sustainable, Eco-friendly Solution to waste management

General Project Benefits

  • Quality, U.S. grade, state of the art technologies and equipment
  • Self-sustainable Project
  • Low maintenance
  • Seamless and uncomplicated plant operations
  • Return on Investment
  • Environmental champion and economic windfall profit center
  • Waste management/recycling/renewable/sustainable energy production
Ancillary Project Benefits

  • Waste and environmental cleanup
  • Recycling and environmental cleanup
  • Pollution free environmental cleanup
  • Minimization of landfill use with systematic landfill reduction over time
  • Land reclamation for improved environmental and commercial utilization
  • Green renewable energy production from otherwise unusable waste
  • Increased National gas/oil resources replaced by waste RDF
  • Job creation opportunities on site of waste to energy industrial complex
  • National and regional green environmental and renewable energy leadership initiatives
Revenue Generated by Project

  • Municipal solid waste tipping/weigh revenues
  • Recycling revenues
  • Car/ash revenues (utilized as aggregate for construction materials and fertilizers
  • Carbon Credits
  • Syngas Credits
  • Electricity production revenues
  • Other local tax, duties and municipal revenues
Financial Benefits of Project

  • Financing may be facilitated, minimizing upfront capital investment
  • The self-sustaining waste to energy plant is estimated to generate predictable residual revenues on average 5 year ROI
  • Benefits of environmental and energy production will be self-perpetuating/sustaining as the project becomes a profit center beyond ROI period

What’s next?
Getting your waste to energy facility is as easy as placing an order. Contact us to discuss pricing and ordering details. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have before, during and after your purchase.