Tire Shredding and Recycling

Turnkey Solutions to Tire Management Problems

Global Re-Energy specializes in innovative tire shredder systems. The tire shredder systems can serve as either as auxiliary recycling technology for and existing recycling plant or they can stand alone as a special sort.

We work with top of the line, easy to maintain shredding equipment that range in different weights and sizes to suite your personal needs. Tire shredding technology provides you with a “green” and environmentally safe solution to scrap-tire management and disposal.

What is Tire Shredding?

Tire shredding is the process of grinding and shredding a whole used/scrap tire into three core/reusable materials:

tire shredding

100% of every tire is used in the shredding process producing zero waste. The new materials can then go on to be used in the manufacturing of a variety of products including roadways:

  • Athletic Playing Fields
  • Roadway Construction Material
  • Engine Parts
  • Outdoor Flooring
  • New Tires
  • Renewable Energy Conversion & Electricity
    • Shredded Tires can be Converted to RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) for Conversion to Renewable/Electricity with a Waste to Energy Plant

Why is tire shredding important and efficient?

All over the world there are stacks of tires piling up. Over 3 Million used tires are discarded a year in the United States alone. They are among the most problematic waste materials due to their large volume and round shape.

As a result, some turn to disposing tires in landfills or burning which produces smoke, toxic air and emissions. However, tires are an important and lucrative waste material is properly recycled. Tire Shredders are a smart and viable solution to these problems:

  • Toxic Air and Emission from Burning
  • Precious Storage Space at your Facility
  • Improper Disposal of a Lucrative Waste Material
  • Health Risks

How do I get a tire shredding system?

Getting your tire shredding system is just a phone call away.Contact us to learn more about our innovative tire shredding systems. We will help you get find the right one for you.