Recycling Technologies

At Global Re-Energy innovative recycling technologies are a driving force for success. We believe that recycling plants such as PET/PE Washing Lines and Recycling Sort Plant Facilities are the key to the future of innovative waste management and our environment. For this reason we are continually working to develop customized units to fit each individuals needs efficiently. This applies to every step of production from the selection of the highest quality materials to the correct assembly of functional and cost effective recycling units.

Global Re-Energy Customizes and Produces Innovative Plant Concepts for:

  • Municipal Solid Wastes
  • Commercial and Industrial Wastes
  • Plastic Bottles and Lightweight Packaging
  • Paper and OCC
  • Co-Mingled and Single Stream
  • Construction and Demolition
  • Refuse Derived Fuel Processing

PET/PE Wash Lines and Plastic Recycling

Recycling Sort Plants

Recycling Conveyors

Industrial and Recycling Balers

Plastic Lumber Lines

Industrial Recycling Shredders

Specialized Waste Stream Management