Self‐Sustaining Waste to Energy Project:

The costs associated with operating/running a self-sustaining Waste to Energy Project will be met with the plant’s ongoing gross revenues associated with perpetuating waste feedstock, recyclables,  energy credits/production and other revenue streams referenced below.
*Based on 500 Tons MSW/Day and Typical Industrialized Nations Waste Streams

  • Return on investment (ROI): Fully attainable within a nominal term (estimated 5 year average) as a direct result of the multiple revenue streams the plant will produce.

MSW Tipping/Weigh Revenues: 

Tipping/Weigh Fees
500 tons per day per plant

Recycling Revenues: 

103 tons per day per plant
13.5 tons per day per plant
OCC-Old Corrugated Containers
20.6 tons per day per plant
Beverage Containers
2.00 tons per day per plant
51 tons per day per plant
Metal Ferrous
16 tons per day per plant
Metal Non-Ferrous
7.8 tons per day per plant

Char/Ash Revenues: 

25 tons per day per plant

Electricity Production Revenues: 
Direct Energy Production
250 MWe per day per plant

Carbon Credit Revenues: 
Carbon Credit revenues
432 Tons per day per plant

Whats Next?

Getting your Self-Sustaining Waste to Energy project started is as easy as placing a consultation. Contact us to discuss pricing and ordering details. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have before, during and after your purchase.