Recycling Conveyors 

Recycling conveyors are a fundamental part to any recycling sort process. There are a variety of different types of conveyors for different balers and feeding applications. At Global Re-Energy we are help you find the best conveyor solution suited for you regardless of the size of the facility or the variety of recycled materials.

What do Conveyors do?
Conveyors allow for mixed streams of recycling materials to be divided out for inspection and carried throughout the recycling facility. They deliver unsorted materials to way stations and sorted materials to bins, bays and balers.

recycling conveyors
Conveyor Feeds Plastic Recycling Materials into Baler

How are recycling materials sorted on Conveyor Belts?
Conveyor belts are used to sort a variety of different shapes, sizes and weights of recycling materials. Conveyor belts shake as they push collected recycling materials throughout the plant. This separates and spreads the materials for human inspection or specialized computer inspection.

Rotating Augers
Conveyor systems contain a collection of rotating augers. Augers are often rubber or contain paddles and cams of particular shapes that divide, break down and repeal recycling materials forward along the sorting line.

Specialized Conveyor Technologies
Some conveyors can be equipped with specialized mechanics to aid you in your recycling process. For example, conveyor belts can be equipped with metal detectors the remove even non-magnetic metals (aluminum, copper and brass) from line.

Types of Industrial Conveyors:
Basic Slider Bed Conveyor: Simple conveyor that comes in different shapes and sizes: Ideal for lighter weights/recycling materials
Multipurpose Combo Belt Conveyor: Rubber Belt w/Self-Lubricated Steel Rollers: Ideal for heavy weights/recycling materials, prolonged uses and steady flow
Heavy Duty Recycling Steel Belt Conveyor: Steel Belts, Rollers and Hinges: Ideal for Maximum weights/recycling materials and can be used indoors or outdoors in harsh environments

What’s Next?
There are a vast amount of options when it comes to recycling conveyors. Call us for a free consultation and we can help you customize the perfect conveyor system to suite your needs.