Plastic Lumber Lines

Global Re-Energy supplies machinery and engineering for the production of plastic and composite wood products for:

  • Decking
  • Fencing
  • Flooring
  • Misc. recycled plastic composition products

What is a Plastic Lumber Line?

Plastic Lumber Lines are Material Recovery Facilities (MRFS) that transform contaminated, scrap plastics into valuable, usable products through a flow molding system.

The readily available (once low valued) plastics that are used in the Plastic Lumber Line process are converted into high value building materials in a short, low cost process.

Global Re-Energy manufactures both large and small production lines. Every plant is fully customizable to fit your needs. We supply you with the complete package for your Plastic Lumber Line Facility. This includes the equipment, methods, formulation, setup and in-plant training.

plastic lumber lines

How do Plastic Lumber Lines work?

Plastic Lumber Lines use post consumer plastic with no need for cleaning, washing or pelletizing. This means there is no need for sorting or washing before going into the flow molding system. The plastics are shredded, ground and stored in silos until ready for use.

The Process

Extruder: Heart of the Process:
The extruder is where the shredded plastics are mixed, heated, melted and extruded as a hot mass into molds.

The carousel holds a variety of shapes and sizes of molds that are inexpensive and interchangeable. The carousel rotates the molds while they are filled with hot, melted plastic. Several different sizes and shapes of molds can be used at simultaneously and depending on your customizable machine, the carousel can hold up to 16 different molds at once.

Final Steps:

plastic lumber linesThe molds are then submerged into water bath to cool for easy removal. All systems are equipped with auto fill and auto ejection systems.

A burst of air then pushes the mold from the carousel into the collection center where the boards are then ready to be cut shipped and used.