PET/PE Wash Lines and Plastic Recycling

At Global Re-Energy we offer a top of the line, customizable PET/PE bottle washing line system. This is your complete solution recycling plastic bottles and turning dirty bales of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and PE (pelpolyethylene) bottles into clean, reusable PET flakes that are ready to be processed into polyester staple fiber or further processed into plastic granules via pelletizing.

Flow Cart

plastic recycling flow chart

Depending on any specific needs you may have and the different contaminants within the PET/PE bottle bales, you may need additional equipment. Based on your specifications, Global Re-Energy will customize your one-of-a-kind PET/PE washing line.

PET/PE Wash Line Machinery

All of our PET/PE washing line equipment is carefully designed with you in mind. We only use the highest quality materials for our recycling lines to ensure durability, usability, efficiency, and safety.  Our innovative system comes complete state-of-the-art size reduction, washing, drying and separation equipment that are customizable to your specific needs. Each piece of equipment is fully automatic and connected through a series screw conveyors or belts and complete with a central electric control panel.

plastic recycling plant diagram


Global Re-Energy is here to put your mind at ease. All of our PET/PE washing line systems come complete with an all inclusive installation package. This includes a team of knowledgeable engineers that travel to your facility and handle everything for you. It doesn’t stop here. We also offer year-round routine maintenance and operations consultants that guarantee your system will always operate smoothly and with ease.

What’s next?

Getting your PET/PE washing line system is as easy as placing an order. Contact us to discuss pricing and ordering details. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have before, during and after your purchase.