Industrial and Recycling Balers

Industrial Balers are a vital aspect for recycling operations. Not only do they free up important storage space but they also reduce transportation costs when moving recycled materials.

Industrial balers compact loose recycled materials through a process most often achieved with hydraulics. After the materials are compressed that are then extruded and wrapped generally in stretch plastic or tied off with wire to conform them to a certain shape.

Bales can be set to a standardized size and loaded to a standard weight. This makes them easy to store, place on pallets, lift on forklifts and be transported.

Here at Global Re-Energy we can help you find the baler that is best suited to your recycling needs. Every baler has different applications that are best suited for baling different kinds of materials at various speeds and efficiencies.

horizontal balersHorizontal Balers:
Fill from the side or from a hopper on the top
Larger than Vertical Balers but use Less Power
Used for Cardboard, Paper, Plastics, and Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals

Auto-Tie Horizontal Balers

  • Automated Baling Approach with Horizontal Press
  • Material is Automatically Tied at End of Each Bale for Increased Capacity Baling Needs
  • Auto-Tie Horizontal Balers are ideal when Production Requirements surpass 150 tons per month
  • Most Often Used for Medium to Large Recycling and Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs), Medium to Large Size Printers, Distribution Centers, Manufacturing Facilities
  • Ideal Baling Materials: OCC, High Grade Papers, Shredded Materials, Document Destruction
Manual-Tie Closed Door Horizontal Balers

  • Horizontal Baler Press
  • Manually Tied Bales
  • Manually Loaded or Fed by Conveyor
  • Ideal for Production Requirements between 50 to 150 tons per month
  • Ideal Baling Materials: OCC, High Grade Papers, Cardboard, Plastic and Cores

vertical balersVertical Balers also Referred to as Downstroke Balers:
Most often used in Retail Stores, distribution Centers, Warehouses & Industrial Applications
Ideal Baling Materials: OCC, High Grade Papers, Cardboard, Plastics, Cores, Ferrous or Aluminum Cans

Special Vertical Baler

  • Maximum Density Bales
    Increase Productivity and Efficiency
  • Ideal Baling Materials: Large OCC, Plastics, Cores, Tubes, Aluminum
Standard Vertical Baler

  • Commonly used in Distribution Plants, Assembly Plants, Manufacturing Plants or Retail Stores
  • Ideal Baling Materials: OCC, High Grade Papers