The Solution to Energy Recovery from Grey Water

New Breed of “Rectangular, Square, Cube” Large Gap Heat Exchangers

New Heat Exchangers and Heat Recovery Exchangers are a worry free solution to energy recovery despite stringy and sticky materials that are found in municipal sludge and waste. This non-plug operation prevents baking and plugging while saving energy and providing you with an expedite return on investment of an estimated 1-2 years.

Is the Heat Exchanger and Recovery Exchanger right me?
We all know how important water is but what we sometimes don’t think about it the large amounts of energy used and then lost by buildings receiving water. As an individual imagine how much water you use when showering, using the bathroom, washing dishes and doing the laundry. Now imagine that multiplied by a hundred or by a thousand. Heat Exchangers and Heat Recovery Exchangers are ideal for those who use large amounts of water such as:

  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Laundries
  • Large Farms
  • Paper Mills
  • Large Multi-Family Buildings
  • Condominiums
  • Municipal Waste Water Processing/Treatment Facilities
  • Industrial PLants (Breweries, Daries etc.)
  • Office Buildings

How it Works

  • Hot/Warm Waste Water from the building (that would normally go to city waste) is drained into the Heat Exchanger
  • The Heat Exchanger separates the warm/hot water from the sludge and waste
  • The separated Waste it sent into City Sewage
  • The warm/hot water is recovered and funneled back into the building’s Broiler
  • The warm/hot water heats the cool water running into the Broiler
  • 20% to 50% of Energy Cost that go to Heating the Cool Water are Saved

Heat Exchanger Diagram


Reduces Carbon Dioxide Levels being Release into the Atmosphere
Saves 20-50% on Heating and Cooling Costs
Easy Installation
Little Maintenance Required
Drastically Lowers Clogging/Virtually no Down Time form Clogging