Eco-Lighting, also known as “green lighting” and smart energy lighting, is the energy saving solution for indoor and outdoor applications. Eco-Lighting dramatically cuts down electrical usage 30% or more without losing lumens power. Especially beneficial for lighting of indoor medium to large sized buildings, warehouses, malls, airports where savings due to decreased energy consumption can escalate to six to seven figure ranges per annum.

Additional applications include outdoor municipal lighting and airport runways. This technology not only reduces the environmental burden by reducing energy consumption but also adds to the bottom line by slashing operating costs providing great ROI. In conjunction with our partners we are able to provide technologies, build-out projects, transport and provide finance options.

Types of Eco-Lighting

Solar Lights: Solar lights get their energy from the sun thus reducing your lighting and utility bills significantly. Solar lights come in all shapes and sizes from panels to lights you place in the ground leading up to your door way.

Fluorescent Blubs: It’s as easy as swapping out your old light bulbs to new fluorescent bulbs. Not only are fluorescent bulbs cheaper but they also last longer than too.

LED Lighting Towers: LED lights last even longer than fluorescent bulbs and use about 80 to 90 percent less energy. LED lighting towers come in all shapes and sizes. They are also great for larger properties that do a lot of entertaining.

Motion Sensor Light Switch: These are a great way to save energy. If you or someone else in the household or building have a bad habit of forgetting to turn a light off in an empty room, this is the solution to your problem. They turn on when you enter a room and have a timer to shut off when motion is no longer detected.

The sky is the limit. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist in a complete smart energy lighting project for private or municipal sectors.