Asbestos Removal

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a group of naturally occurring minerals that are unaltered by heat and corrosion. Asbestos can be found in products ranging from pipe insulation, floor tiles, vehicle brakes and clutches and a variety of other building materials.

What are the hazards of asbestos?

If you think you’ve found asbestos don’t go near it. There are a variety of health issues that arise when exposed to asbestos or when breathing asbestos fibers. This is why it’s important to check for asbestos and have it removed immediately if detected. Asbestos can lead to a buildup of scar tissue in the lungs called asbestosis that results in the loss of lung function that often progresses to disabilities and death. Asbestos exposure also causes lung cancer and a variety of other diseases such as mesothelioma of the pleura which is a fatal malignant tumor of the membrane lining the lung or stomach cavity.

Asbestos Removal

When asbestos has been detected Global Re-Energy is the company to call. There are a variety of concerns when handling and or removing asbestos in any setting. It can be a very dangerous and life threatening process.

Global Re-Energy has certified asbestos abatement professionals that are licensed for and experts in asbestos removal. We make sure all government regulations and guidelines are followed and we also ensure a safe and asbestos free environment.  Call us to learn more about how professionals at Global Re-Energy can assist you in the safe removal of asbestos.

asbestos removal