Global Re-Energy Recycling & Renewable Energy Solutions

Global Project Development: Building a Green Future Together

Global Re-Energy is your one-stop-centralized aggregator for sustainable recycling waste management and renewable energy project development. As a multifaceted recycling and renewable energy provider, we are here to supply you with turnkey global solutions for any of your recycling and energy needs. Join us and begin leading in environmental activism while reaping the rewards of enhanced, recycling/renewable energy solutions.

Save the Environment and Create Renewable Energy
In an age where the environment is in need of our help, Global Re-Energy’s waste to energy conversion technology is a sustainable solution to waste disposal that is environmentally superior to landfills. Valuable recycled materials are extracted while creating a clean source of renewable energy that reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions, lowers the risk of groundwater contamination and eliminates other damaging consequences of waste disposal.

Ultimately with Global Re-Energy you are maximizing your profits with the recovery of recyclables and the creation of renewable energy  while eradicating damaging environmental impacts. Our recycling and renewable energy technologies will ensure the practice of greater environmental management and stewardship that will contribute greatly to environmental initiatives that can also help limit the effects of climate change.

We will be here for you every step of the way. From designing customized plants to installation, training factory workers and helping you seek the right financial path for you. Contact us anytime to discuss your specific needs and let us find your solution.

Our Mission

To be the leading global environmental developer of Recycling Facilities/Plants and Renewable Energy Power Plants, utilizing proven state of the art technologies in which synergy will deliver “green” environmental solutions, contribute to reduction of the carbon emissions footprint and ensure residual  profits for the plant owner through self-sustained operations that produce predictable revenue streams making our plants commercially cost effective viable profit centers.