Jamaica: Renewable Energy Development and Investment

Global Re-Energy, Inc. is in complete agreement with the initiatives set forth from the U.S. Caribbean and Central American Energy Security Summit held in Washington D.C. May 4th, 2016.  Our company is committed to providing direct access to our proven technologies through project development that will bring the initiatives set forth by the summit to execution in substance.  Global Re-Energy is ready and able now to deliver solutions for alternative renewable energy projects in the forms of Solar, Wind, Wave and our cutting edge Waste to Energy Technologies in the context of Total Waste Management Strategies that will achieve the desired Energy objectives for Caricom / SIDS Small Island Developing States and other countries in Central and Latin America to enable greater Energy Security by harnessing their current resources through technological innovation.  Additionally all our renewable projects must meet an acid test of being economically viable and self sustainable in order to ensure that we can bridge the gap between the theoretical to the practical which is crucial in securing real tangible project investment through our banking and private sector investor groups either as a conduit to our Governmental clients or in direct investment development through our company per project / market basis.
By objective we concur with Mr. Andrew Wheatley’s comments and objectives as set forth in the article listed below.  Our team at Global Re-Energy looks forward to working on solutions with him and his team in Jamaica for development of Renewable Energy projects leading to greater Energy Security for his nation and for the region.
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