Time for Caricom to look at Energy Future – Trinidad Renewable Energy Development

 Global Re-Energy, Inc. fully concurs with the key points and objectives which are set forth in this article and can assist with the development of renewable energy projects.

Our company has had ongoing presence in Trinidad for over 6 years at which time we have been working closely with our Joint Venture Partner in Trinidad – Oil Field & Marine Sales & Services Ltd..  We have already commissioned a Recycling Plant for SWMCOL in Trinidad and are in planning stages for another.  During this period we have also conducted numerous studies for Waste to Energy and studies for Total Waste Management Solutions in Trinidad and other Caricom countries.

Our studies can save any new administration both time and resources as we have formulated existing strategic solutions for Total Waste Management Solutions that can be implemented in Phase Segments promptly.  Our solutions are self sustainable and economically viable inclusive of Waste to Energy solutions.  Waste to Energy as a concept is very desirable, anytime it is mentioned it captures the imagination.  However there are many complexities to the concept that most parties are not familiar with and the viability is in the details.  What may work technologically or in sequence operational process in one market may be ill suited for another subject to market dynamics, technology options/combinations and energy costs that may vary from market to market in Caricom.

The keys to all RE – Renewable projects are that the technology or combined technologies must be operationally proven while making sense for profitable viability of economic factors and can be maintained indefinitely as self sustained projects.  That is the acid test required in planning that bridges the gap between the theoretical to the practical.  Many general studies or general Waste to Energy ideas never get past the theoretical stage due to either improper study, knowledge, planning or technology applications to a given market’s unique dynamics/challenges. Waste to Energy as a term or concept is inclusive of many forms or options technologically.  Which configuration or combinations are best suitable to achieve objectives is the crux of the matter that can be confusing at first.  Fortunately, our engineering expertise and prior studies will take the guess work out and allow for direct solutions to be implemented promptly for most Caricom markets and Trinidad specifically.

In relation to Trinidad, fortunately our group has conducted studies which have allowed us to formulate a Total Waste Management Strategy / Waste to Energy Solution.  A strategy that first is based on proven technology and sequentially phased to process new waste first diverted away from landfills. The process incorporates both recycling solutions while implementing waste to energy conversion which is self sustainable and economically viable from inception.  This initial sequence prevents new waste from entering landfills while processed off site, in essence stopping landfill proliferation, that allows for landfills to be closed as a subsequent step.  Once the landfills are closed or capped or even prior to final closing all the while new collected waste is processed viably off landfill site, leachate treatment solutions can be implemented to start the clean up process.  The next sequence in the strategy is to implement a full landfill eradication plan which will include a very specialized high volume waste to energy process with recycling support that will result in the systematic eradication of the landfill with renewable energy production.  This step of landfill eradication is quite complex however and can be supported best by first processing new waste offsite, then closing the landfill and only then “attacking” the plethora of old waste at landfill for eradication.

In theory it can be done out of sequence but again the practical supersedes the theoretical when it comes to viable engineering solutions.  In practice this strategy only becomes viable when done in this sequence based on studies and unique market dynamics in Trinidad. The landfill eradication process on its own is very difficult to justify from a cost to benefit analysis as it is often not viable economically stand alone when energy costs are low (as is the case in Trinidad).  However, the good news is that our strategy delivers viable solutions on the front end of new waste processing whose economic benefits can help fund/support the landfill eradication process.  The final step in the strategy is to recover greater economic benefits as landfills are eradicated through recovery of land.  The recovery and reclamation of land will yield large returns that will be socio-economically beneficial, but as Rome was not built in a day this part will yield its great returns of land recovery overtime.  The immediate socio-economic benefits will be available, fortunately, by design from inception through our waste to energy process for newly collected waste. Thus, enabling the whole strategy and sequence of steps to be implemented are economically viable and self sustainable for assured success in the endeavor from the onset.

Trinidad is blessed with natural resources as an energy producer.  Trinidad now also has the opportunity to diversify, innovate and create renewable energy from various sources including waste to energy while supported through recycling, which ensures environmental stewardship is demonstrated in the process.  With blessings come great leadership responsibility.  The time has come for Trinidad to lead Caricom by example, to a new Energy Future.To learn more about how Global Re-Energy, Inc. and how our technology/engineering solution strategies can benefit you immediately, contact us today.

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