Global Re-Energy Provides Viable Waste Management Solutions for Trinidad and Tobago

Global Re-Energy, Inc. and our affiliated joint venture partner in Trinidad and Tobago, Oilfield & Marine Sales & Services, Ltd, are committed to providing proven viable waste management solutions for Recycling and Renewable Energy objectives that are in congruence as per this article with Prime Minister Rowley’s national initiatives.

Environmental stewardship and accelerated economic development that create positive socio-economic benefits for the Nation are attainable through our proven waste management strategies and technological innovations. A total waste management strategy and program to meet national initiatives with proven methods can be developed expeditiously by processing waste in such a way to maximize recycling and renewable energy revenues while also minimizing the need for landfills in order to reclaim-recover valuable land resources.

Our Group is in position to provide immediate solutions both for new waste processing with our proven Waste to Energy Plant(s) and subsequently, subject to study, provide solutions for advanced Landfill Waste Management solutions inclusive of Leachate Treatment and Landfill Eradication Technology Solutions for pre-existing wastes at landfills. The combined approach will ensure that recycling and renewable energy benefits are viably sustained while environmental and land reclamation-recovery objectives are realized for greater socio-economic benefits to The Nation.

Our project development group is very proud to already have successfully commissioned the first PET Bottle Washing-Beverage Container Recycling Plant for Trinidad in June of 2015. In addition, our group is currently in process to develop a new Recycling Plant for Trinidad that can safely recycle and process International and Bio-Medical Waste subject to final planning. Furthermore, the technology and engineering scope we cover is vast. Through our expert engineering teams our range of technologies by category for project development include:

Recycling – Waste to Energy – Renewable Energy – Emissions (Industrial Pollution Control) – Water Treatment

Within each primary category there are a plethora of specialized vertical technologies and applications which we can deliver subject to requirements and solutions by client driven needs. Technology specific applications can be combined to engineer and customize systems or plants that ensure the best solutions are uniquely tailored to meet market-client specific conditions.

Contact Global Re-Energy, Inc. to learn how we can help provide Waste Management, Recycling and Renewable Energy Solutions that meet your requirements or visit our website: for more information.

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