Jamaica: Global Re-Energy’s Waste to Energy Plants Create Jobs and Soci-Economic Benefits

In conjunction with Jamaica’s Prime Minster, Mr. Andrew Holness, and his objectives to enhance Waste Management initiatives simultaneously with job creation opportunities (See article from the Jamaica Gleaner); Global Re- Energy is in complete agreement that this is viable now. Global Re-Energy is committed to providing technological solutions for both Recycling and Renewable Energy projects worldwide and in the Caribbean that meet SIDS (Small Island Developing States) and World Wide standards.

One of the most advantageous technologies that Global Re-Energy offers is in the realm of Waste to Energy Plants. Our Waste to Energy Plants combine direct recycling technologies for non-degradable waste combined with renewable energy technologies for degradable waste to create electricity. The process enables both the separation and capture of recyclables centrally while ensuring energy is created seamlessly down-stream which in turn produces both environmental and energy benefits. Our proprietary process enables immediate utilization for new waste to be eradicated regardless if it is mixed stream or pre-separated at aggregation. This process capability saves tremendous amount of resources and time to get started with advanced waste management process without necessitating the long time curve of creating a waste separation culture at aggregation point which is ideal but can take many years to implement efficiently. Our Waste to Energy Plants provide immediate relief for advanced recycling and energy creation from mixed waste.

In addition, a plethora of ancillary benefits are created in the process. Job creation for plant workers is a primary benefit but the benefits are not limited to direct job creation alone. The socio-economic benefits that Waste to Energy Plants create are vast. In addition to direct jobs created at the plants, the socio-economic benefits extend to the greater community in multiple forms, however no limited to, such as:

  • New Industries in advanced recycling processing that grow around the Waste to Energy Plants also create additional new jobs.
  • New businesses are created around the Waste to Energy Plants that support the greater community with more services, revenues and additional jobs.
  • Land reclamation as excess waste is eradicated over time adds greater value to real estate and opens opportunities for space for more public and commercial projects to grow in the area, which leads to more positive socio-economic benefits, inclusive but not limited to more jobs.

The socio-economic impact to the community in direct and indirect benefits from Global’s Waste to Energy Plants is thus exponential.

Our Waste to Energy Plants represent comprehensive Waste Management solutions for both new waste and old waste (at Landfill) that will also reduce environmental issues while producing energy and creating multiple positive socio-economic impacts.

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